Programs and Services

Residential Service

Waste Management / HSS provides automated residential solid waste, recycling and green waste services to approximately 10 areas within the county.

What is automated service?

Automated service utilizes a truck equipped with a mechanical arm that lifts your trash and recycling containers from the street and empties the containers' contents into the truck - without the driver ever leaving the cab. This type of service is successfully used in more than 2,800 communities in the United States.
Automated trash service offers many benefits.

It provides greater flexibility to our customers. You may select the size of trash and recycling containers that best fit your needs, whether 35 gallons (122 lbs max), 64 gallons (150 lbs max) or 96 gallons (200 lbs max). Separate containers are utilized for trash, mixed recyclables and green waste.

The automated containers are more durable, and reduce the likelihood of tipping or spilling. Because they are uniform in appearance, they also help neighborhoods look neater and cleaner. Utilizing an automated system also allows us to offer green waste collection in most service areas, dedicating one container for bi-weekly green waste recycling.

For additional information about your service and what types of materials you may place in each of your containers, call 1-800-DUMPSTER or (805) 922-2121.

Commercial Service

Waste Management / HSS provides commercial and multi-family bin collection services for properties located within our contract cities of Unincorporated Santa Maria, Unincorporated Lompoc, Los Alamos, Santa Ynez Valley, City of Solvang, City of Guadalupe, Casmalia, Los Olivos, Ballard, and Sisquoc.

Commercial recycling services are also provided through the collection of bins or residential carts for businesses that generate a low volume of recyclable materials. For pricing and ordering information, please contact customer service at 1(800) DUMPSTER or (805) 922-2121.